1. Mattresses

  2. Furnishings - Living room suites

  3. Thermo-acoustic insulation


Olimpia S.a.s. has been producing wadding for pillows and mattresses, felts and other textile articles for over forty years. The company premises extend over a total area of 30,000 m² of which 7,000 m² are covered.

From simple carding procedures to experimenting new solutions, the company has always aimed at progressive improvement and innovation using all kinds of natural fibres: pure wool, pure cotton, silk, camelhair, linen and cashmere.

Olimpia has always had an outstanding reputation for its processing flexibility and the quality of its products, which it distributes directly throughout Italy and in Europe.

OVATTIFICIO OLIMPIA DI ZORZATO ALBERTO E C. S.A.S. Via S.Polo, 115/A 35020 - S. Angelo di Piove (PD) Italia - Tel. +39 049 9793801 Fax +39 049 5846669
Pec: ovattificio.olimpia@cert.neispa.com - P. IVA: 00332660281