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  • The most common natural fibre in the world
  • It has poor insulation potential
  • It has high level hygroscopicity
  • It is very soft
  • It is robust and resilient


Kapok is a natural fibre from the plant of the same name. It originates in the forests of Central America and is used in the wadding sector for the following reasons:
  • It is transpirable and extremely light
  • It grows on natural soil where fertilizers, insecticides and chemical substances are not used
  • The fibre is not a food supply for insects or mites
  • A layer of natural wax stops the mattress from absorbing or collecting humidity
  • It is a good insulation material and is particularly warm

  • It is a natural fibre with maximum elasticity
  • It is very soft
  • It is very resilient
  • It has high level hygroscopicity and can contain 20-25% water without feeling damp
  • It releases humidity very quickly
  • It is an excellent thermal insulator i.e. it is a bad heat conductor which is why it seems to emit heat

  • It is a rough fibre
  • It is not very elastic or resilient
  • It has good hygroscopicity
  • It is a very poor conductor of heat


Silk comes from the a continual filament and therefore some threads are produced constantly. It is also blended and spun with wool and other fibres
  • It is a very elastic fibre and, as it is very fine, it is also extremely soft
  • It has poor resilience
  • It has low level of hygroscopicity
  • It is a poor conductor of heat

  • A rather fine and very elastic fibre
  • The colour varies from taupe to dark brown
  • Slippery and not very rough, it is therefore not very resilient
  • It has high level hygroscopicity


Cashmere is the woolly fur of the hircus goat from Tibet or Persia.
  • It is fine, soft and resilient
  • It has high level hygroscopicity and releases humidity extremely quickly
  • It is an excellent thermal insulating material but is not a good heat conductor: this is why is gives the sensation of heat


Isolimpia Medical


Thermal insulation for operating theatres and medical laboratories.

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